A Power Nap with a Message: You Must Win

Okay, I just took a 30 minute nap, and had a strangely vivid dream. I don’t usually have dreams, or at least don’t remember them, so I wanted to jot it down.

I was laying on the mat in my gi, sweating and tired. And the gym was empty except for one of my coaches who was also in a sweaty gi but not at all tired. The dream lasted like 5 seconds, and it was just him saying (with noticeable disapproval): “Stop f***ing around. You must win.”

I’m not sure where that came from, especially the “you must win” part, but I think it might be from a video of Ilias Iliadis I saw two weeks ago that really impressed me:

Anyway, I got up, made another coffee and wrote this post. Now I’m back to work.

Having a dream like that is probably a sign (as if I needed one) that I’m mentally invested in this game. For me, it’s a hobby of course, I’m still just a scientist, but it’s also becoming a way of life and a philosophy.

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