A Good Idea for Finishing the Single Leg

Ever since I was paired up with Wilson Reis a few weeks ago and we were doing a single leg takedown drill, I realized that I was lacking in knowledge and skill (to put it mildly) in the area of finishing the single leg.

I finished a few single legs in tournaments but it’s been an annoying scramble every time, and I’m always thinking “damn it, Lex, why didn’t you just switch to a double when you had the chance”. The single leg just never made sense to me. It feels like I’m trying to control a lion by its tail. The analogy probably makes no sense to you, but it works in my mind at this late caffeinated hour.

So, given all that, it was great to see Jared Weiner put up a technique of the week video (see below) with an awesome idea for finishing the single leg. Why is it awesome? Several reasons, but the main one is that it uses the same kind of idea that I like to use in passing the butterfly guard (in gi). The gripping and the body mechanics are very similar, so I can’t wait to try it if I ever find myself with just one of my opponent’s legs in my hands.

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