A Friday Night Judo Battle in South Philly

Yesterday was another long night of battling it out on the mats at Osagame. Here’s a video with some highlights:


I think the whole thing lasted about two and a half hours. We did:

  • Regular tachi waza randori (takedowns)
  • Newaza randori (groundwork)
  • Mock shiai (timed judo competition matches)

There was lots of good judo, different styles, different bodies. Drexel Judo brought out a good number of higher ranks including the Hawaiian thunder bear (aka Keola).

Some folks were nursing injuries (including myself) but you wouldn’t know it. Seriously, Joe (Spicy) had a match with Keola where he was limping the whole time. It was like watching the dramatic finale of a Mel Gibson film. Perhaps not the smartest thing. But us judo guys aren’t known for our brilliance in such matters.

I was fighting very hesitant the whole night because of my neck. It made me realize that I made the correct decision about not fighting in Grapplers Quest last weekend. But overall I had a few excellent matches which allowed me to impose my game on the feet and on the ground.

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