92% of Afghans never heard of 9/11

Raw Story report talks about an ICOS survey’s conclusion that 92 percent of Afghanis have never heard of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. To me, this is a shocking statistic.

There are others:

  • 40% believe that US is on their soil in order to “destroy Islam or occupy Afghanistan”
  • 43% could not name one positive aspect of democracy
  • 61% said they didn’t think Afghan forces would be able to keep up the fight against the Taliban when Western forces withdrew.

Why is there such a lack of information? Because Afghanistan is one of the poorest nations on Earth. We cannot hope to progress in the “war on terror” (I hate that term) when most of the Middle East either doesn’t know our motivation or sees us as an occupying, greedy, power-hungry force.

Do our politicians, or the citizenry, comprehend the state of misinformation and poverty in Afghanistan? I don’t think so, because if they did, they would not sit idly by as our soldiers are shipped off to the graveyard of empires.

I’m calling my congressman. Here is the main number for Congress – the Senate and House – in Washington, DC: 202 225-3121

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